Silvertone 1482 clone by Benjamin Fargen

The Silvertone 1482 tube amp is legendary among harmonica players and guitar players alike. The 1482 circuit has super dynamic pick attack and low volume breakup which makes it the perfect match for studio recording or low volume stage settings. I had the luxury of having Pete Anderson’s personal vintage Silvertone 1482 in my workshop to measure and blueprint. […]

Jazz Custom SE

New for 2014

How many times have you wished you could get pure tube tone in a lightweight grab and go combo that weighs-in under 25 pounds? Now you can … Fargen has developed its first ever tube/SS hybrid design: The brand new Fargen Jazz Custom SE combo features a pure high voltage hand-wired tube preamp feeding an ultra efficient lightweight 50W class D power amp, into two ultra efficient 8” full range speakers.

Townhouse 20

New for 2014

The Townhouse 20 is our new “gig ready” edition to the Fargen Amps lineup for Winter 2014. Following on the success of the micro-sized class A Townhouse 5 watt head, The Townhouse 20 sports a new 2 x 6V6 20 watt power amp in a brand new compact 1 x 12” grab-and-gig compact design.

Blackbird Combo

Fargen Blackbird VS2 Guitar Amplifier – The Ultimate Blackface Amp Design The Fargen Blackbird VS2 is the ultimate blackface amplifier design – the culmination of over ten years of upgrading and refining our clients’ vintage 60’s amplifiers. This amp strikes the perfect balance between vintage blackface tone and superior modern design elements. Pure clean sustain, […]


The Townhouse is our new edition to the Fargen Amps lineup for Summer 2013. Following on the success of the micro-sized Micro Plex, the Townhouse sports the same compact design, while offering hand-built, made in the USA boutique tube amp quality and tone. The two-way Decade Switch features a 50′s setting with vintage tweed-inspired tones, and a 60′s setting inspired by brownface tones. The Townhouse is like two-amps-in-one, at a reasonable price considering its boutique essence.

Retro Classic Combo

Fargen Retro Classic Guitar Amplifier Designed without compromise, The Fargen Retro Classic is the result of complete creative and engineering freedom, Created with the desire to capture 3 different classic sounds in one single channel 25 watt amp….and that’s what it does in spades…This is all made possible with the Fargen “Decade” switch. Fargen Retro […]

Mini Plex MKII Combo

Fargen Mini Plex MK II Guitar Amplifier – The Ultimate Low Volume Tube Amp The Fargen Mini Plex MKII features the ultimate English classic rock and high gain crunch tones. It pumps out quality tone on par with a 50 or 100 watt Marshall, and maintains this tone at apartment/bedroom levels. Don’t settle for poor […]

Olde 800 MKII Combo

The Fargen Olde 800 MKII is a true hand-wired, high-gain masterpiece that offers you some of the best clean and crunch tones from when rock ruled the world! The Olde 800 MKII has that classic high gain British rock sound similar to a JCM 800 but with added sustain and super thick harmonic crunch tones. […]

Micro Plex

Featuring a hand-wired, 5-watt Class A design & vintage style carbon comp resistors, the Micro Plex is Fargen’s latest all-tube amplifier.

Mini Plex MK II

From meaty British high gain to classic rock tones, the Mini Plex punches out cranked amp tone at whisper volumes. The Decade Switch gives you three gain structures using three completely different classic Brit preamp circuits.

Retro Classic

A 25-Watt killer, with a tasty mix of three distinct blues tones. The Decade Switch covers sounds from the late 50′s to the late 60′s.

Olde 800 MKII

Sweet sustain and super thick harmonic crunch tones. The Olde 800 brings the classic British rock sound.

Blackbird VS2

The ultimate blackface amplifier capturing true 60′s vintage tone …pure clean sustain, touch response and harmonic overtones.