The John Lennon Signature Series by Fargen

lennon-mainpage2W hen you think of popular music, you think of John Lennon. He created music that speaks to us, and to countless musicians that have been influenced by his genius. We feel a special connection that is hard to find with other artists. His music is all about … peace … kindness … respect … love … the messages in his songs are timeless, and his sound is instantly and universally recognized.

Lennon was a modern-day philosopher, and he actually began his studies to become an artist. His drawings are equally as timeless and universal as his music, and he expressed similar themes through his poetic compositions in the form of images. Imagine the fusion of John Lennon’s distinctive musical tone with his artistic works.

Guitar Amplifier Mastery

Unmatched tone for the player, exclusivity for the collector.

Ben Fargen has built the John Lennon Signature amplifier line to capture Lennon’s tone … and packages this in concert with his magnificent drawings.

A Piece of History

Plug into John Lennon’s vintage tone from his Beatles days to his time with the Plastic Ono Band:

1964 – You Can’t Do That

1965 – Ticket to Ride

1968 – Revolution

1970 – Look at Me

The John Lennon Signature Series amplifiers provide these different tones via Fargen’s Decade Switch, which enables you to switch between different classic sounds and gain structures, morphing between completely different classic preamp circuits.

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                                           Acquire Yours

The Fusion of Music and Art

The amplifier’s cabinet provides an astounding and unique canvas for John’s original drawings, truly bridging his music with his art. The John Lennon Artist Series presents Lennon’s drawings front-and-center on the amp’s grill cloth … capturing their vibrancy and brilliance. Each design is available in a limited, numbered edition.

Made in the U.S.A.

The John Lennon Signature line by Fargen is custom-built in California. Master builder and sound engineer Ben Fargen has selected the finest components, many of which Ben designed on a proprietary basis specifically for the John Lennon series. Our master craftsman builds each cabinet meticulously by hand, to complement the first class circuitry, maximizing tone and musical resonance.

The John Lennon Imagine series and the John Lennon Artist series are now available, in limited editions. Contact us to acquire yours today!