The John Lennon Signature JL-15

T he John Lennon JL-15 amplifier is a truly unique design out of the Fargen Custom Shop. Leave it to Ben Fargen and his amplifier mastery to capture Lennon’s tone in a one-of-a-kind technical marvel of a design.

Enjoy Lennon’s 60′s Liverpool and 70′s Plastic Ono Band tones through the use of the two-way Decade Switch and play through the warmth and depth of boutique amplifier engineering at its best. The rich black tolex provides the perfect frame for John Lennon’s beautiful self-portrait in black-and-white … Lennon’s iconic music and visual art come together.

We use a specially designed grill cloth on which the drawing is printed, and the cabinet’s dovetail-jointed Baltic Birch sides and rear panels, combined with a speaker baffle and incredibly accurate voicing, results in a rich, vintage experience.

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MSRP $2,700
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The Sound

1965 – Ticket to Ride

1968 – Revolution


  • Hand crafted in the U.S.A.
  • Vibrant print of John Lennon’s self portrait in black-and-white
  • Premium black tolex with custom piping
  • Acoustically transparent, UV protected grill cloth
  • 2xEL84 15 Watt power amp design
  • 2x12AX7 preamp and phase inverter tubes
  • Vintage 60’s style mustard tone caps
  • Vintage carbon comp resistors
  • Two-way mode tone shift Decade Switch
  • Custom hand-built parts tag board
  • Belton high grade tube sockets
  • Custom built proprietary JL-15 12″ Ceramic speaker
  • Evidence Audio Siren II high-end speaker cable
  • Premium Baltic Birch side/rear panels and 13mm
  • Exclusive bracket isolates and dampens cabinet vibration and tube rattle
  • Precision dovetail joinery utilizing a proprietary two-part epoxy
  • John Lennon’s signature



Product Photos: Kris Dakin